Maslahah Mursalah Values in Career Women

  • Moh. Adib MS
Keywords: Keywords: Family, Economy, Work, Maslahah Mursalah


The purpose of this study was to find the benefits of working and non-working women according to the perspective of maslahah mursalah. It is stated that it is the right of the wife that every husband is obliged to fulfill which is obtained from the results of the marriage. A living is an obligation that a husband must give to his wife. Career women are women who take their time to work outside their obligations at home, Dual roles Career women can be more optimal in their activities if they have the support of their husbands. On the one hand she is required to do her job well, while on the other hand she must manage her family's role both in terms of taking care of her husband, children, and domestic affairs. The analysis carried out is a review of women working and not working According to the glasses of maslahah mursalah. The impact of working women is the help of the husband in the fulfillment of the family economy and as a form of attachment between the two in the fulfillment of the economy and the adequacy of the needs for material, financial, but it is undeniable that the working wife must be fair and divide the time between homework and work outside the home. The Impact of Women who do not work The fulfillment of the husband's needs in the needs of the house and the wife does not feel burdened with other work besides home work and its fulfillment. And this is in line with the concept of maslahah mursalah.