Buntet Pesantren Wedding Customs and the Value of Religious Moderation

  • Ahmad Alamuddin Yasin
Keywords: Buntet Pesantren, Wedding Custom, Moderation


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the values of religious moderation in Buntet Pesantren wedding customs. Case studies are a method applied to the writing of this article. The data source in this writing uses 2 data sources, namely: interviews with 30 respondents. And the library is the 2nd source of data by taking from several classical fiqh books such as: Asybah Wa Al-Nadza'ir, Al-Muhadzab, Al-Fiqh Alaa Madzahib Al-Arba'ah, Al-Inqah Fi Masa'il Al-Nikah and other classical fiqh books. The results of this study show that the wedding tradition in Buntet Pesantren consists of 3 series of events. The first is a pre-wedding event. The second is during the execution of the wedding. And the third post-marriage. All traditions in Buntet Pesantren contain shari'a values. In the marriage tradition of the Buntet Pesantren  community, there are no elements that are contrary to religious moderation.