Critical Analysis of Tashih and Tadh'if Hadith Al-Albani in Riyadussholihin

  • Faiz Musthofa Abbas
Keywords: Keywords: Tashih, Al-Albani, Tadh'if, Hadith.


This study aims to find out the criteria for the shahihan of hadith according to Imam Nashiruddin Al-Albani and to analyze the causes and methods of Imam Al-Albani in hoififing hadith contained in the book of Riyadussholihin where Imam Nawawi himself states that all hadith in the book are shahih hadiths. The research method used is library research. The analysis shows that  the criteria for tashih and tadh'if  Al-Albani do not match the criteria of previous scholars in tashih  and tadh'if hadith. The results of the analysis yielded:  Albani was considered scientifically incapable of tastenting hadith, Albani only read the narrator's criteria through biography, Albani did not consider Sawawaid and Tawabi'.