Riffat Hassan's Thoughts on the Feminist Paradigm

  • Rodiatul Maghfiroh STIT Buntet Pesantren
Keywords: Keywords: Gender Equality, Riffat Hassan, Feminism


The continuity of life in society will be harmonious if the relationship between men and women goes hand in hand and respects one another. Therefore, awareness of the need to renew the relationship between men and women in a direction that is more just and equal continues and remains a topic of study that needs to be discussed. This is because the dominance of men continues to stick due to matriarchal culture in the wider community so that women experience unfair and marginalized treatment, even women are belittled and have a lower position than men.

In this way, studies and discussions on gender equality emerged, and even gave birth to a movement known as Islamic feminism. The Islamic feminist movement must be based on a reinterpretation of Islamic teachings, so as to strengthen women's rights and give them an equal place in society and participate in various fields of life, including in the political and economic fields. As for this article, the author uses a text study approach and historical context study. Text study attempts to analyze the basic patterns of thought contained in the text, while context study seeks to examine how the existing reality influences the context. The method in this study used library research (library research) which utilizes library sources to obtain research data and the type of research includes qualitative-descriptive techniques documenting relevant data sources.This research produces Riffat Hassan's perspective regarding sacred texts which are reinterpreted as part of his ijtihad in fighting for women to be able to appear in public and not be marginalized and not merely complementary beings.